Mohan Misra, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman, and CEO—Dr. Misra directs daily operations and guides technology development and commercialization strategies. Dr. Misra founded ITN Energy Systems to pursue the advancement of technologies in energy, space, and environmental areas, and has assembled a team of top scientists, technicians, executives, and business staff that shares his passion for the company's goals. Dr. Misra has pioneered a business model where technologies developed through advanced research are brought to the commercial market through strategic alliances with established manufacturing enterprises.

Throughout his career, Dr. Misra has developed and implemented several key technologies, including thin-film photovoltaics, smart materials and structures, advanced composites, and lightweight structures. Dr. Misra received Martin Marietta‘s Jefferson Cup (the corporation‘s highest award for outstanding technical achievement) in 1984 and 1987, Martin Marietta’s Inventor of the Year Award in 1982, and the American Foundrymen’s Society award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in 1980. Dr. Misra holds a BS-Metallurgical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University – India, a MS-Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Washington – Seattle, and a Ph.D.-Metallurgical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

ITN’s executive management team meets regularly with potential customers and/or joint venture partners to determine market needs and requirements. Product requirements and business objectives are then communicated to the program area leads to begin the team effort in formulating a comprehensive business plan. With ITN’s significant technology transfer and scale up experience, this team has the right mix of expertise to successfully address the technical and marketing issues in commercializing these new clean energy technologies.

Dr. Brian Berland, Chief Technology Officer—As CTO, Dr. Berland directs both technology and business development activities with a focus on moving technologies from the lab to commercialization. Over the last twenty years, he has led research and development activities in flexible electrochromic and low-e window films, flexible lithium solid state batteries, redox flow batteries, alternate energy generation and storage materials, environmental barrier coatings, as well as gas and liquid separation membranes.

In his time at ITN, he has been an integral member of a team to successfully bid and execute over $30M in R&D programs with corporate and government partners, including leading teams commercializing ITN’s SSLB with leading worldwide corporate partners. He has been active in all aspects of product development for these technologies including cost-modeling, development of strategic partnerships, and definition of product performance requirements/market identification to support successful commercial transition and scale-up.

Prior to joining ITN, Dr. Berland was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Colorado in the labs of Professor Steven George, a world leader in ALD chemistry. He holds a BS in Chemistry from Carleton College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado.

Mr. Ashutosh Misra, Executive Vice President—Mr. Misra is currently responsible for leading the commercialization of ITN’s next generation clean technologies, new business development, strategic partnership & alliances, joint ventures and capital raise.

Mr. Misra was one of the founding team members at Ascent Solar Technologies, which was spun out of ITN Energy Systems in 2005, where he served for 6+ years through September 2011. During the course of 6 years, Mr. Misra played a key role as part of the senior management team, initially as head of Operations and Corporate Affairs and later as head of Corporate and Business Development. His key achievements include establishing the initial organization, overseeing the initial public offering (IPO) on NASDAQ and multiple secondary offering to raise more than $250 M in new capital, infrastructure expansion (construction of FAB1, FAB2 & corporate headquarters,) sales, new business development, strategic partnership and joint ventures around the globe including USA, Europe and Asia, and managing investor and media relations.

From 1998 to 2007, Mr. Misra also first served as Manager and later as Executive Vice President at ITN, and played a lead role as head of business operations in building infrastructure (both human and capital) to support ITN and three spinoff companies which includes Global Solar Energy (GSE), Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) and MicroSat Systems (MSI).

Prior to joining ITN in 1998, Mr. Misra worked for MTI International for over 8 years as Operations Manager and was responsible for setting up electronic manufacturing and related facilities in the US, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, and India. Mr. Misra holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Bangalore University in India, and a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Mr. Neelesh Ullal, Director of Business Operations— Ullal oversees all business operations at ITN, and is responsible for corporate negotiations with government and commercial partners and investors. Before assuming this position, he served in two of ITN’s spinoff companies. With Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Space Systems Group (formerly MicroSat Systems, Inc.), he was responsible for coordinating financial project management and large programs as the company transitioned to its new home. He then became Senior Manager of Sales Operations for Ascent Solar Technologies, where he was instrumental in developing financial and infrastructure systems. Mr. Ullal holds Bachelors of Accounting and Masters of Accounting degrees from Bombay University, India, and a Masters of Science (Information Systems) from the University of Colorado.

Ms. Janet Casteel, Controller—Ms. Casteel is responsible for management of government contracts and government accounting reporting and compliance with DCAA, as well as supporting contract development and corporate infrastructure for new spinoff companies. Between 2006 and 2010, she served as Chief Accounting Officer and Director of Financial Reporting for one of ITN’s spinoff companies, Ascent Solar Technologies Inc., (ASTI). At ASTI she was responsible for meeting all public reporting requirements for the successful completion of over $100 million in capital raising and subsequent SEC financial reporting along with implementation of internal controls for SOX compliance. Prior to ASTI she developed ITN’s accounting and financial infrastructure for four start-up Research and Development technology companies including management of government contracts, reporting, and compliance. Ms. Casteel is a registered certified public accountant. She holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Nebraska College of Business and a BS degree in Accounting from Metropolitan State College in Denver.