Technology Portfolio

ITN has an ever-expanding portfolio of technologies in various stages of development. New ideas are constantly being fed into the pipeline for initial research, and as that research matures, products are developed, and manufacturing processes refined. When the technology has been developed and refined to the point of commercial readiness, we collaborate with investors and strategic partners to bring the product into the marketplace.

Currently, ITN has three technologies that have advanced to the commercialization stage. Six additional technologies are in work, in varying stages of development.

Commercialization Phase

Flexible, small, safe, high-energy density, long-life rechargeable batteries for implantable and wearable devices

Flexible & retrofittable film for windows and facades to control heat & light to save energy

Solar-powered low-cost, simple to use, low-maintenance, self contained and self powered water purification/desalination system for remote applications

Development Phase

Nanoscale plasmonic devices to generate electricity from waste heat at dramatically higher efficiency than state of the art products

Clean, low-emission, fuel flexible solid oxide fuel cells for distributed electricity generation

Flexible & retrofittable window film to control heat to save energy

Low-cost production of purified oxygen from ambient air

Long-life, flexible, self-powered implantable medical monitoring devices

Low-cost, energy saving membranes for water filtration
Equipment Design and Manufacturing Group

In addition to ITN's dynamic technology portfolio, we also have a tremendous resource in our experienced Equipment Design and Manufacturing Group. This division develops and fabricates equipment and intelligent process controls for a variety of R&D and pilot-scale manufacturing applications.